Hi, my name is


I build web applications.

I enjoy investing myself inside challenging projects in order to give the best digital experience while i keep improving as a developer. Contact me if you want to talk about opportunities. Emoji angel

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Some things i have built

  • Speache

    Complete rental service based on sharing economy in order to make rental access easier for everyone.

    PHP Node Sass Redis MySql Nginx Socket.io Google Maps API
  • Christmas theme website

    Simple landing page about end of year celebrations with multiple animations.

    Node Express EJS SCSS JS
  • Qr code generator

    Tool allowing users to generate custom qr codes from urls.

    Node Express JS Vue
  • Green plants theme website

    Landing page about green plants with different animations.

    Node Express EJS SCSS JS

Get in touch

My inbox is always open, no matter if i'm looking for new opportunities or not, if you have any questions, you want to chat or simply say hello, i will do my best to answer as soon as possible.

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